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  Visits to Schools of Workshop Participants
  Small-Scale Chemistry Workshop - March 31 & April 1, 2000
     Laboratory Technical Manual for CHEMTREK
      Workshop Instructors
Creator of Small-Scale Chemistry
Associate Director, CSMATE
Professor of Chemistry, Colorado State University
Author of Chemtrek:  small-scale experiments for general chemistry
Co-author: Addison-Wesley Small-Scale Chemistry Laboratory Manual
  • Ed Waterman
  • Leader in developing small-scale chemistry for high school use.
    Co-author: Addison-Wesley Small-Scale Chemistry Laboratory Manual
    Co-author:  Addison-Wesley Chemistry, Fifth Edition
    Chemistry Teacher at Rocky Mountain High School
Director, ASUMH Small-Scale Science Center
Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Physics, ASUMH
  Previous Small-Scale Chemistry Workshop

For more information about Small-Scale Chemistry, please contact Dr. Brent E. Wurfel.

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