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Active Regional Centers with Web Sites

Brent Wurfel discusses the instruments and the pedagogy of Small Scale chemistry

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Small-Scale Chemistry for Polution Prevention
Small-Scale Chemistry Center at El Centro College, Dallas, TX. This web site has information regarding events, workshops, and related activities. Donations for Small-Scale Chemistry education can be made through this web page.
Arkansas State University Small-Scale Science Center
Small-Scale Chemistry Center at Arkansas State University.

Contact Information for other Regional Centers

Dale Scoggin discusses wastes

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Brevard Community College
Neal Julien, Palm Bay, Florida, (407) 632-1111
Cabrillo Community College
Dale Scoggin, Aptos, California, (408) 479-6203

Vama Robson discusses the benefits of Small-Scale chemistry

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Delgado Community College
Phyllis Dodson & Pat Bush, New Orleans, Louisiana, (504) 483-4848
Delta Community College
Mike Garlick, University Center, Michigan, (517) 686-9272
Diné Community College
Vama Robson, Shiprock, New Mexico, (505) 368-3534

Ron Takata discusses cost savings, waste reduction and student improvision

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Hemlock High School
Bob Taylor & Mary Suszek, Hemlock, Michigan, (517) 642-5287
Honolulu Community College
Ron Takata, Honolulu, Hawaii, (808) 845-9494
Oklahoma State University
Sally Henderson, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, (405) 945-3364

Sally Henderson discusses cost savings and breakage

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Paine College
Dr. C.R. Nair, Augusta, Georgia, (706) 821-8384
Portalnd Community College

Kathy Carrigan discusses cost savings

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Kathy Carrigan, Portland, Oregon, (503) 978-5374

Tarrant County Junior College
Ranjana Segal, Arlington, Texas, (817) 515-3334

Past Regional Centers

(please contact directly for current status)
Coastal Georgia Community College
Andrea Wallace, Brunswick, Georgia, (912) 262-3287
East Mississippi Community College
Scooba, Mississippi, (601) 476-8442
El Paso Community College
Russ Smith, El Paso, Texas, (915) 757-5082
Fort Berthold Community College
Trudy Ruland, New Town, North Dakota, (701) 627-4738
Fullerton College
Annie Bianchino & Sam Foster, Fullerton, California, (714) 992-7120
Lane Community College
Shelley Gaudia, Eugene, Oregon, (541) 747-4501
MLK Jr. High School
Goodwin Iduma, Detroit, Michigan, (313) 494-7407
Oregon Institute of Technology
Elvira Schechtel, Klamath Falls, Oregon, (541) 747-4501
Paul Smiths College
Cheryl Joyce-Pruden, Paul Smiths, New York, (518) 648-6464
Salish Kootenai College
Frank Finley, Pablo, Montana, (406) 675-4800
Scott Community College
Randy Ford, Bettendorf, Iowa, (319) 441-4345
Shasta Community College
Mark Blaser, Redding, California, (916) 225-4649
Dean O'Grady, Morrisville, New York, (315) 684-6234
Westark Community College
Tom Clark, Fort Smith, Arkansas, (501) 788-7623

Other Regional Resource Contacts

Catherine Etter discusses accessibility

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Bay Mills Community College
Robert Dickinson, Brimley, Michigan, (906) 248-3354
Beaufort County Community College
Angela Mason, Washington, North Carolina, (252) 946-3637
Blinn College
Charles Heller, Brenham, Texas, (409) 830-4207

Jolanta Rozwadoska-Lelinska discusses cost benefits

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Cape Cop Community College
Catherine Etter, West Barnstable, Massachusetts, (508) 362-2111

Salt Lake Community College
Jolanta Rozwadoska-Lelinska, Salt Lake City, Utah, (801) 957-4781