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From Video #1 - Small-Scale Chemistry: An Integration of Theory and Practice

Labtop (3 MB) Straws (5.1 MB) Titrations (3.8 MB)
Thin stems (5 MB) Petri dishes (1.5 MB) Cost of Conversion (4 MB)
Drops (1 MB) Hand lense (2.4 MB) Articulation (2.9 MB)
Well trays (2.6 MB) Small-Scale Chemistry Philosophy (8 MB)  

From Video #2 - What you can do with Small-Scale Chemistry

Why Small-Scale Chemistry? (5.8 MB)
Solutions and Reactions (7 MB)
Gas Laws (5.2 MB)

From Video #3 - Small-Scale Chemistry in the Community College

Kathy Carrigan, Portland Community College, Portland, Oregon (1008 K)
Catherine Etter, Cape Cop Community College, West Barnstable, Massachusetts (2 MB)
Sally Henderson, Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (1.5 MB)
Jolanta Rozwadoska-Lelinska, Salt Lake Community College, Salt Lake City, Utah (2.8 MB)
Vama Robson, Diné Community College, Shiprock, New Mexico (3.3 MB)
Dale Scoggin, Cabrillo Community College, Aptos, California (816 K)
Ron Takata, Honolulu Community College, Honolulu, Hawaii (4.3 MB)
Brent Wurfel, Small-Scale Chemistry Center at Arkansas State University (1 MB)

From Video #4 - Being There: Students Learning Chemistry

Acid Deposition Summary (2.4 MB)