SSC Publication ISBN Information

Title: Chemtrek: Small-Scale Experiments for General Chemistry
Author: Dr. Stephen Thompson
Publisher: Prentice-Hall
ISBN: 0-205-11913-1
Price: $52.00 (at CSU Bookstore)
Copy Request: For qualified college faculty if being considered for adoption.
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Title: Addison-Wesley Small-Scale Chemistry Lab Manual
Author: Ed Waterman/Stephen Thompson
Publisher: Prentice Hall
ISBN: Teacher Edition: 0-201-33461-5
Student Edition: 0-201-33460-7
Price: Teacher Edition: $30.47
Student Edition: $9.97
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Note: Pearson is the company that owned Addison-Wesley. Pearson recently bought Prentice Hall and combined the two companies. Since Prentice Hall was about ten times larger than Addison-Wesley, they decided to retain the Prentice Hall name. However, they are keeping the Addison-Wesley Chemistry name for the book because of name recognition.